Thursday, October 20, 2011

Morgan Carper, A Downtown Spin at UPTOWN

“Nature, travel and art serve as my muses.” An avid traveler, Morgan Carper is constantly inspired by the native sights and cultures she has experienced in her trips through Central America, India, East Asia and beyond. It’s while spending time alongside and learning from local artisans that Morgan begins to craft concepts for her collections. The region’s cultural landscape and terrain have an integral role in her work.
A fascination with the elements of design led her to study textile design, where she developed skills in all areas of visual art including silk screening, drawing, and photography. Through it all she never lost sight of her true love – fashion. And this passion for it took her to practice in London, Florence and ultimately New York.
Inspired by the philosophies of her studies and travel experiences, Carper launched her namesake high-end women’s wear collection in 2010. Her dedication to the craft and integrity of design resulted in a smart and versatile collection. Morgan Carper’s chic sensibility and effortless sexiness easily transition from day to night with each piece striking the perfect balance between tender and tough, classic and stylish, delicate and edgy. Carper’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic reflects the sensibility of forward-thinking women with a cultivated sense of style.
A hand draped dress, an intricately beaded detail, a custom print, these are characteristics of Morgan Carper, as is practicality and wearability.
Carper resides in Brooklyn and is inspired daily by the simple objects that surrounds her.  Morgan Carper

Project Alabama at UPTOWN

Our Story
Beginning in 2006 we had the unique opportunity to learn timeless handcrafting techniques from the artisans of Florence, Alabama. Equipped with such unusual and valuable talents while remaining true to the brand’s home-spun haute appeal, Project Alabama has evolved into a contemporary collection that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics and trends with our signature hand-touched feel.
Our mission is creating a genuine lifestyle-led product that embodies artistry, uncompromised quality and attention to detail. Project Alabama presents a fresh and focused approach to craftsmanship combining contemporary sensibilities with time honored techniques of embroidery, applique, beading and hand created embellishment.
The Project Alabama woman appreciates authenticity of design, wants to feel beautiful and be inspired by and connected to the world around her. She is confident and captivating with a keen sense of style. As a free thinking individual she instinctively recognizes the spirit that Project Alabama embodies, interwoven throughout our creations.  Visit Project Alabama

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sense...eclectic intellect for the soul

Cover of the newly
 released July issue.
July Contributors include my longtime friend photographer Kim Pearson.
The second issue of  Sense magazine has just hit the streets.  If you have not seen it yet be sure to search it out or better yet stop by Uptown and pick up a FREE copy.  It is a local magazine featuring local interests, local photographers, local writers, and local thoughts.  You will see friends and possibly relatives among the list of contributors each month.   The articles are thought provoking, the photography is awesome, and the ads are very professionally presented.  The current issue contains stories varying from the announcement that Rondale and the Kit Katz will open for the B-52's in September to updates on the long term effects of the current tragedy in the Gulf.  According to guest editor Robin Delaney, "the birth of a new voice makes sense."  I think that sums up this new magazine.  Sense is the birth of a new voice in the South.  Come in and pick up your copy today or visit Sense at

Beautiful advertising!

Creative photography!